Transport to and from France

Transport to and from France

ACE Logistics’ scheduled trucks to western Europe depart from Tallinn every workday evening. Shimpents move to France mainly through German and Polish terminals. In cooperation with one of Europe’s leading logistics partners, the collection and distribution of shipments in France is organized by nearly 50 terminals. With the help of our partners, we can ensure the operational distribution of shipments (parcels, pallets).

We expect transport orders for the same day pick up in Tallinn and Harju County by 12 PM and these export shipments must be ready for shipment no later than 2 PM. In case of express shipments, we are ready to pick up the goods later by special agreement, and offer an opportunity for our customers to bring the goods to our terminal. Outside Tallinn and Harju County, we usually pick the goods up in the morning so that the goods can leave on the same day.

Delivery time to France is usually 4-7 working days with the standard service. Pick-up days are counted as 0-days. With the aceSpeed express service delivery time is 1-2 workdays faster. In case of urgent goods, it is also possible to offer special transport solutions according to the customer’s wishes and possibilities. Our advantage is to combine high-speed regular services with special services, when necessary, thanks to which we can offer more favorable transport rates and flexible delivery.

We transport import goods every business day, regardless of location. Goods arrive quickly and reliably through the terminal network of Europe. We expect orders for import shipments to be picked up in advance, no later than 4 PM on the previous workday. If the transport through the terminals turns out to be unsuitable, we can offer direct loads for partial and full loads according to the customer’s needs.

In the case of regular shipments, transport orders can be made conveniently  through the e-ace environment, that also allows to track shipments and calculate transport prices. Apply for registration here.

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