Air transport

Air transport

Air transport is one of the fastest and most reliable types of freight

Our international network of partners allows us to offer door-to-door service in more than 150 countries all around the world.

ACE Logistics has the authority and competence to handle various types of goods. Our long-term experience in air transport helps us offer the best logistics solutions for our customers. We cooperate with all airlines represented in our region and have provided air transport services for almost 30 years. You will be served by the best specialists in their field.

ACE Logistics air transport services

Our range of freight services helps you find the right solution for every shipment.


standard service for all air shipments

We offer the best solutions on the desired destination around the world. If it is not possible to transport the shipment with a standard solution, we also offer several alternatives.


delivery time is a priority

If the transport of goods is urgent, we offer an express service designed for time-sensitive shipments. The express service provides either a priority flight or an on-time delivery.


the middle ground between transport price and delivery time

Combined transport service is designed for goods with more flexible delivery times. The aceCombi service is also suitable for freight transport that requires a special solution. For example, oversized shipment, exotic destination or origin, etc.
If you are looking for a freight option from China with a reasonable price and flexible delivery time, also look for our Chinese rail transportation options.


for special goods

ACE Logistics also offers air transport services for goods that require special handling, such as dangerous goods, perishable goods, animals, valuable consignments, human remains, etc.

Door to door service

In addition to the air transport service, ACE Logistics offers a complete consignment handling solution in Estonia: local transport, customs clearance, cargo insurance, and warehousing. Through our partners, we also offer the same services in foreign countries.

If it seems that there is no suitable freight service in this list, contact us, and we will offer a solution based on the requirements of a specific transport.

Good to know:

– the volume/ weight ratio of air transport is 167 kg per cubic meter;
– the liability of the carrier should not exceed 19 SDRs per gross kilogram.

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