Road transport

Road transport

Road transport is fast and reliable all over Europe

ACE Logistics has more than 25 years of experience in road transport. With a wide range of road transport services, we can provide to our customers the best logistics solutions. Here you will be served by experts in their field.

In cooperation with our partners, we operate daily regular services all over Europe with fixed departures and transit times. ACE Logistics, with its terminals in Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius and Kyiv, is a part of the trans-European terminal network. There are regular scheduled routes between the members of the network, through which the Baltics are connected to the rest of Europe both in terms of exports and imports. We can ensure secure and fast supplies to Europe’s main economic areas. In addition to the transport of regular goods, we also have the right to handle and transport dangerous goods (ADR) and forward part and full loads.

ACE Logistics road transport services

Our wide range of freight options can help you find a solution for every shipment.


standard service for all the shipments

Affordable standard B2B (business-to-business) service through terminals. Reliable service with daily collection options and reasonable delivery time. The service is perfect for transporting goods that do not have a fixed loading and unloading date.


when delivery date matters

B2B service through terminals with a delivery on a fixed date. Suitable for goods with specific loading and unloading dates.


when delivery time is the priority

Express B2B service through terminals. Reliable service through terminals with daily pick-up options and priority handling, which ensure the fastest possible delivery time.


B2B express service with a delivery before 10 AM. The service is valid for shipments to Austria, Luxembourg, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Hungary.


B2B express service with a delivery before 12 PM. The service is valid for shipments to Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Denmark, the Czech Republic, and Hungary.


for part- and full-loads

Part- and full-load service for larger quantities of goods, or whenever transport of goods through terminals proves unsuitable.


for special way of transport

Special transport, which usually requires a dedicated vehicle of delivery from the starting point to the destination by the fastest possible route. Our advantage is the possibility to combine special transport solutions with regular ones, when necessary, in order to ensure the most optimal solution for urgent shipments.


A B2C (business-to-consumer) service, where goods are delivered to the customer’s door or gate with a tail lift truck. The delivery time is agreed with the customer in advance. The service is valid in most European countries.

Complete handling solutions

In addition to the international transport, ACE Logistics offers a complete consignment handling solutions: domestic transport, customs clearance, cargo insurance and warehousing.

In case it seems, that there is no suitable freight service in this list, please contact us, and we will offer a solution based on the requirements of the specific transport.

Good to know:

–  the volume to weight ratio in roadfreight is 333 kg to 1 cbm
– 1 EUR-pallet is 740 kg;
– 1 FIN-pallet is 925kg;
– 1 LDM or loading meter is 1850 kg;
– carrier’s liability is up to 8,33 SDR  for 1 kg of gross weight

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